half. at Brown Truck Brewery in High Point, NC

half. at Brown Truck Brewery in High Point, NC



In 2012, Noah Glover and Liam Kowalczyk met each other in their middle school. Eventually developing a friendship through their shared love of music, they soon formed a group with two other members from their middle school, and began playing school functions and gigs in the local area. Several years after the group went their separate ways, Glover and Kowalczyk came together to form the duo known as "half.," out of High Point, North Carolina. Currently, the duo plays music at events in Central North Carolina, and is in the process of writing songs for their debut EP, expected to be released in 2018. 


the duo.

Noah Glover

Percussionist, Secondary Guitarist,

Back-Up Vocalist, and Multi-Instrumentalist

Liam Kowalczyk

Vocalist, Guitarist, 

and Multi-Instrumentalist